Below are some good books to look into reading if you are interested in learning more about the complex relationship and future regarding China and the United States.

The World is Flat

Thomas Friedman

In this provocative account of globalization, Friedman goes into great detail  to explain the growing importance of global competitiveness in the United States. He breaks down various aspects of politics, academics, and the economy that must be addressed by U.S. lawmakers in order to face the challenges on competing on a global platform. Friedman, a columnist for the New York Times writes in a very understandable manner, and the book brings to light many interesting points. Overall, Friedman argues that the U.S. is underprepared for the upcoming years and must take make its competitiveness a priority so that they may succeed.

The Venturesome Economy

Amar Bhidé
This book, a sharp contrast to The World is Flat claims that the “threat” of globalization is overblown and that claims such as the ones made by Friedman are unfounded. Bhidé claims that although the world is changing at a rapid rate and that countries such as China and India are advancing, the United States should embrace the changes. Bhidé argues that global competitiveness does not exist in the sense that there are winners and losers, but rather that all countries benefit from advances, regardless of origins. It is a unique read in that it counters most widespread beliefs on globalization.


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